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Inclusive Science Communications Initiatives

Last Updated July 28, 2022

On this page, you'll find organizations and projects working to bring more diverse perspectives into the communication of science.

Ciencia PR

Link: Ciencia PR

About: A database of Puerto Rican scientists, as well as informal and K-12 science education initiatives. Their work focuses around Puerto Rican science and scientists.

Minority Postdoc

Link: Minority Postdoc

About: A web portal, job board, and publishing platform for stories about the postdoc experience for scientists who identify as racial and ethnic minorities. Run by Alberto Roca whose mission is to expand opportunities for minority scientists and help them succeed professionally as well as share their experiences and research with the public through science communication.

The Metcalf Institute at the University of Rhode Island

Link: Metcalf Institute

Summary: Provides training programs for journalists, scientists, and the public in environmental science from an inclusive lens.

About: “Metcalf Institute provides education, training and resources to journalists, scientists and science communicators across career stages to engage diverse public audiences in conversations about science and the environment.”

Inclusive Science Communications Symposium

Link: Inclusive SciComm Symposium

Creator: the Metcalf Institute at the University of Rhode Island

About: “The biennial symposium is an international convening of practitioners, trainers, researchers, educators, and funders who work across diverse disciplines and sectors to prioritize inclusion, equity, and intersectionality in all forms of science communication. Inclusive science communication, or inclusive scicomm, is a global movement to shift the traditional paradigm of science communication toward an approach that centers inclusion, equity, and intersectionality. Although a growing number of people are committing themselves to inclusive scicomm, this movement is in its early stages, and is evolving rapidly.”

National Research Mentoring Network

Link: National Research Mentoring Network

Mission: “To provide researchers across all career stages in the biomedical, behavioral, clinical and social sciences with evidence-based mentorship and professional development programming that emphasizes the benefits and challenges of diversity, inclusivity and culture.”

Black in Science Communication

Link: Black in Science Communication

Creator: Raven Baxter

About: “Black in Science Communication provides a space for Black science communicators to engage, grow, and educate. We coordinate opportunities for others to receive support and resources in pursuing their science communication careers. We operate with a goal of cultivating a community for Black science communicators to focus on their voices in science in the same ways that they use their voice for non-science communication. One of these opportunities is Black In SciComm week, a week to re-center and remind us of the importance of our voices in science.”


Link: STEMbassy

Creator: Raven Baxter

About: “STEMbassy is a science communication organization focused on cultivating science advocacy. An embassy is a place to diplomatically sustain positive political, cultural and social relationships between two parties. STEMbassy is a place where people from all fields can gather to talk about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in the context of politics, culture, and social issues. “Mission Statement: STEMbassy is a STEM communication organization that involves the public in exciting and inspirational conversations with accomplished STEM professionals and discussions about socio-cultural issues and events that impact the STEM community.”

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