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Early Programs & Projects

Fertilizing the Science News Desert

Funding The Open Notebook to pilot a program in which science journalists mentor general journalists to amplify and enhance science coverage.

White Paper

A bold redefinition of science literacy for the 21st century, mapping out the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Resource Guide

A starter guide to the organizations, resources, and ideas that are shaping the science literacy ecosystem today.

Open Mind

An editorially independent digital magazine that helps readers confront and navigate the current information crisis, particularly as it relates to misinformation, conspiracy theories, and science controversies.


SLF funds seed-level and founder-level projects, providing grants, and forging partnerships that promote creative approaches to science communication, preferably projects at the community level.

SLF Newsletter

Subscribers can keep up with SLF, our partners, the latest stories from Open Mind, and interesting developments in the world of science literacy, journalism, and communication.