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About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to investigate, create, and fund scalable initiatives and programs, providing new paths to science literacy.

Our Vision

We envision a world in which understanding science plays a guiding role in shaping a safe, satisfying, and opportunity-filled future for everyone.

Our Values

Science belongs to everyone. They should be able seek its benefits equally without falling prey to misinformation, disinformation, and conspiracy theories.

Our Goals

SLF aims to be:

  • A connector, bringing together siloed researchers, journalists, communicators, educators, and policymakers through events, resources, and strategic partnerships so that these groups can work together and learn from one another;
  • An incubator, funding seed-level and founder-level projects, providing grants, and forging partnerships that promote creative approaches to science communication, preferably projects at the community level;
  • A creator, helping people confront and navigate the 21st century information crisis through smart news and reflections and facilitated discussions to help shape the future of science coverage.

Our Team

Brian cohen headshot copy

Brian Cohen, Chairman

Brian served as chairman of the New York Angels for nearly a decade and is founding partner at New York Venture Partners. In 1983, Brian co-founded Technology Solutions, Inc., a science and technology strategic communications firm.
Jillian Mock

Jillian Mock, Co-Founder

Jillian Mock is an independent science journalist who writes, edits, and fact-checks stories related to health, medicine, climate change, and wildlife.
Corey S. Powell

Corey S. Powell, Co-Founder

Corey S. Powell co-hosts the popular Science Rules! podcast with Bill Nye and is a longtime freelance writer and editor who has collaborated on five New York Times bestselling books and is a science writer on the upcoming NBC science series The End is Nye.
Pamela Weintraub copy

Pamela Weintraub, Co-Founder

Pamela Weintraub is currently the psychology and neuroscience editor at, EIC of several newsstand titles a year from Centennial Media and PopSci, and author of Cure Unknown: Inside the Lyme Epidemic.
D Starr Bio Photo nc

Douglas Starr, Co-Founder

Douglas Starr, Professor Emeritus at Boston University, co-directed the Graduate Program in Science Journalism for 29 years. His books and articles have won a Los Angeles Book Prize, the Gold Dagger Award in Britain and the Science in Society Award from the National Association of Science Writers.

A Road Map for a New Science Literacy

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We are always looking to expand our movement. If you feel inspired by our vision, send us a note about a program or project you would like us to support.

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If you feel inspired by our vision, send us a note about a program or project you would like us to support.
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