We envision a world in which understanding science plays a guiding role in shaping a safe, satisfying, and opportunity-filled future for everyone.

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The Science Literacy Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)3 social-impact organization whose mission is to investigate, create, and fund scalable initiatives and programs providing new paths to achieving science literacy.

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Early Programs & Projects

Fertilizing the Science News Desert

Funding The Open Notebook to pilot a program in which science journalists mentor general journalists to amplify and enhance science coverage.

White Paper

A bold redefinition of science literacy for the 21st century, mapping out the challenges and opportunities ahead.

SLF on the Issues

Podcasts and essays on the complex topics at the forefront of civic life.

Grants & Awards

Grants to science journalists, educators, and researchers advancing our vision, under the guidance of our board and our panel of experts.

Virtual Science Night Out

Scalable program to foster one-on-one dialogues between scientists across disciplines and the public.

Bad Science Alert

A newsletter calling out stories that misrepresent science in confusing or harmful ways, and promoting more constructive strategies.

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We are educators, journalists, strategists, policy makers, and scientists working together to make a better world.

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